Monday, February 23, 2009

New Kid on the Block

Who is 23, hot in a nerd kinda way, and blowing up the music scene? Asher Roth. The new saving grace of hip hop. You may have heard his single "I Love College" which hit iTunes on Jan 13th, if not I suggest you download it right NOW! He is known for his wicked sharp tounge and his realistic lyrics. And yes he sounds like eminem. He can freestyle better than wayne. His debut album, aptly titled "Asleep in the Bread Aisle" is set to drop at midnight on 4/20. Ironic or just plain funny? I think its hilarious. Jay Z passed on him for Pittsburg slim...poor Jigga. You can downoad his mixtape "The Greenhouse Affect" on his website Also, want to give hime a call and get a real call back message? Of course you do. Dial 215-687-2262. Asher Roth is my obsession of the moment and hopefully longer, but more on that cutie later. In other mucis news, remember that song "Dick in a Box" that Justine Timberlake did with that guy Andy from SNL? Well Andy and two of his friends formed a band called "Incredibad" and they are releasing an album called "The Lonely Island." You can see a few of their "music videos" on youtube. They have several big names in their videos and signing on some of the tracks including, norah jones, jack black, t-pain, e-40 and the list goes on. I have hear the cd and it is pretty funny with such tracks titled "Jizz in my Pants" and "I'm on a Boat." Will they go down in musical history? Probably not. But will they care? Probably not because their shit is funny as hell.

Yes it is true: Lil Wayne is releasing a rock-infused album called Rebirth. You may or may not have heard the first single "Prom Queen." leaves much to be desired. But as Wayne said on the MTV website, not everyone will like it because it is something new. He also doesn't want this record to be confused with The Carter IV, which will be entirely hip hop. Rebirth will be available April 7th, but until then here are a few downloads to keep you from salivating too much: "Amazing Love", "Hello World" and "My Thought Process." Enjoy!

Another interesting musical related topic: Chris Brown and Rihanna. She just released a single called "Hatin on the Club" featuring The Dream which sounds suspiciously like it is aimed at Brown. He fired back this week with an apology song called "Cry No More." Both are pretty good, alhtough Rihanna's has a bit of an old time du-wop, "my boyfriend's back" sound. Interesting....Also Lil Wayne's protegee Drake has a single out called "Uptown" featuring Wayne himself and Bun B. Its worth giving a listen to as Drake is very talented. But come on, would Weezy get involved in anything that wasn't?

Well that is all for now kiddies! I am off to grab a late lunch at Kinder's. I'm lying, its breakfast because I just woke up a bit ago :) Ciao for now!

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