Saturday, February 28, 2009

So you want to be a Ballerina?

When I was a little girl, I loved ballet. I took ballet classes 4 times a week until I reached middle school. I loved the tights and the leotards and the floaty, pink skirts we got to wear. I even loved the toe shoes beacuse they were made of pink satin. :) I realized that didn't actually like ballet so much with the pointing of the feet and the bending and contorting my body into poses it didnt necessarily want to be in. I liked looking like a ballerina but not dancing like one. And so I quit and played soccer instead, where I actually could run into and hit people. And the rest is hisory as they say.

But I am starting to re-visit my old-school ballerina days with my new favorite thign of the moment: tutus. My bestie MP brought the idea up while discussing our upcoming trip to vegas, and I ran with it. I did some research and found out that several couture brands I love make tutus! Betsey Johnson for one. Although her tutus are longer and fluffy at the bottom making them look like petticoats and she calls them "crinoline skirts" but they are still fabulous! My tutu de jour is made by Class Act tutus for my favorite brand: Juicy Couture! When Juicy opened its newest store on 5th avenue in NYC, Class Act designed a whole slew of tutus for the manniquens in the store to wear. They matched the tutus with Juicy's newest zip up hoodie colors. They are simple devine and I want one in every color. Worn with tights and a cute corset type top or even just a plain tight v-neck t-shirt, this is the cutest look of the moment. Class Act also made tutus for the movie The Game Plan.

Now you know. Tutus=fabulous. Not that Carrie Bradshaw didnt already show us that, but now they are wearable for the masses. Class Act is having a sale on their Juicy tutus on their go forth and purchase!

Ciao for now :)

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  1. seriously, you got my text right? LOL my post about tutu's is pretty much the exact same as yours!

    I'm not kidding, references to both childhood ballet, and carrie bradshaw!

    get out of my head!

    now the question is, do I post mine and look like a potential stalker of yours??

    yes, yes, I think I do.