Monday, March 9, 2009

This is the REMIX baby....

This past week has been a crazy one in music. So much so, that I did not even have time to write a blog until now. Please forgive me.... But I write bearing lots of gifts! :) Where to start, where to start...Lets start with my current fav....Keri Hilson!

Not only did she come out with a remix for turnin me on with lil wayne and t-pain but they all have different verses, even keri and wayne! It is super download it today. And I mentioned her other single, "Knock You Down" in my last blog, but for thos of you who are slow, get on that song too. Her album drops March 24th and it is called "In a Perfect World." There is also a snippet of her new new song "Hey Girl" with Lil John and T-Pain; it sounds promising.

The Dream has an album coming out tomorrow, March 10th, approriatley titiled "Love vs. Money." My favs so far from that cd are "Mr. Yeah", "Put it Down" and "Take U Home 2 My Momma." You might notice that "Mr. Yeah" mentions one famously insane but also insanley talented Pop Diva whom The Dream has sung with before....I smell some drama! Yay!

In other news, the phenom young gun Kid Cudi has a song out called "Dat New" which is good, but he also has a new new song out called "Sky Might Fall" which I mentioned in my last blog, but it is so good I mentioned it again. Also, lil wayne has a song out called "I Got It" and he also came out with a remix of "Prom Queen" that is sick. Check out the official video for that song on youtube if havn't already, its funny. Kanye has two new songs out: "Doin Girls Wrong" and "Playa Playa." Both equally good, as per usual from Kanye.

Now a few random good new songs to download:

*"Put it On Her" - Day 26
*"Who Dat Be" - Young Buddy
"Show Stopper" - Slim from 112
"Scared of Monsters" - Currensy (one of the "freshman")
"Jail Again" - Maino
"Weather Girl" - Mario
"Bend that Ass Ova" - Akon ft. Young Twinn
"Shorty" - Akon ft. Skank
"Sugar" - Flo Rida ft. Wynter
"No Love" - Twista ft. The Game
"Hot Mess" - Ashley Tisdale (love her...her new album is gonna be awesome :)

ok well thats all for now...enjoy! I know I fact im updating my ipod as we speak and then hitting the tanning booth for a bit...gotta get ready for Vegas :)

Ciao for now!

flow like afterlife....

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