Thursday, March 5, 2009

PDSTM Part Deux

Ok I'm back! Rejuvinated and feeling much better about myself. Which is good news for you all because I am in the sharing mood :) I shouted out a few songs in my previous blog, but now I will get down to the nitty gritty...basically which I think are worth your time to listen to and why. Now while I will always and forever love Kanye West, recent love match aside, many people disliked his last record. Not me Kanye, not me. I believe this mellow trend in his music will continue and as we can see, will affect other artists he works with. Point in case, Flight School. Beautiful song, but somewhat sad and haunting. I personally love it, but it is not for the faint of heart. Same with Walking On the Moon. Although we do get much more vocally out of the Dream so I'm not complaining. The kat deluna song is one of my favs. If you liked Keri Hilson turning me on you will LOVE this track. It is a little edgier but so very delicious.

Speaking of Keri Hilson....she has a new track out! It is called Knock You Down and it features Mr. Kanye himself and Ne-Yo, whose song Mad is also a current favorite of mine. My other blow up track of the moment is by none other than one of my FAVORITE artists and has been a LONG time coming! Sky Might Fall by Kid Cudi. Produced bye....yup you guessed it...Kanye! yay! Give it a listen and you will see what I is amazing. But I would expect nothing less from Kid Cudi, a definite artist to watch.

Other new songs that are decent but not great:

*Ashanti - The World....a better effort from her but still lacks flowablity...if u know what i mean

*Ya Boy - Pants Sagg....good beat, strong lyrics....we will see on this one...

*Mimms- Move if you wanna....good beat, fun party song...not as good as this is why im hot...but what song of his is or ever will be

*Miley Cyrus - The Climb...from her upcoming movie Hannah Montanna...this one is for you Liz!

ok well thats all I have to report for now...but you know I will have more good songs for you it my personal duty to find the newest and best music for you all! You heard it hear first kiddies....and if you didn't...well prove it!

Ps- Did anyone see the Kansas vs. Texas Tech game?? Normally I am a Jayhawks fan but I have to say I was more than thrilled to see TT pull an upset of the 6th ranked team, making them wear that shared league title lol. Also, good for Stanford since they beat TT preseason...

ciao for now!

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